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(June 1, 2011)


This law firm represents Biopharma International which is the exclusive authorize sales representative of Biocell Ultravital worldwide, we take this opportunity to inform health and medical professional, health spas and medical clinics, and the general public, that many different sham companies and unscrupulous persons have been marketing and distributing look-alike and counterfeit products which allegedly are manufactured by Biocell Ultravital and Kuhra Vital, when in fact they are fakes and knock-offs. These products are misbranded and are adulterated and contain false and misleading information on the primary and secondary packaging, the information inserts, the brochures and catalogues, and the product descriptions on the websites.

Many of the companies and persons that we will identify, are very active participant with certain  criminal conspirators who despite legal warnings, continue to market and distribute these fake, knock-off and counterfeit products at the expense of the innocent consumer. 

We therefore urge both consumers and medical professionals to be extremely cautious when purchasing products from any company other than Biopharma  International, or any of its authorized representatives  or sales affiliates world-wide. The only way to guarantee that the products are legitimate and have been manufactured in Europe under strict quality controls, and not China, Malaysia, or Mexico where the counterfeit products are manufactured, is to verify whether a suspect company is an authorized representative or sales affiliate of  Biopharma International.

Please note how most of these websites are created as free "Blogger" accounts, classified ads and free websites. How legitimate do you really think they are?

Below Products That Do Not Exist and Are NOT REAL Biocell Ultravital Products

Fakes: Biocell Ultravital Hydrocell, Biocell Ultravital AHA2, Biocell Ultravital H-Ultracell, Biocell CRP, Biocell Placenta


Fake Biocell Distributor - Asian Beauty Zone

French Arianna Not Authorized Distributor

Hydrocell - Fake Product Ilegally Using the Biocell Ultravital Brand

Biocell Ultravital Hydrocell - Fake

AHA2 - Fake Product Ilegally Using the Biocell Ultravital Brand

Biocell Ultravital AHA2 - Fake

Biocell Ultravital CRP

H-Ultracell - Fake Product Ilegally Using the Biocell Ultravital Brand


More Websites Selling Fake Biocell Ultravital & Kuhravital Products


Biocell Ultravital Hydrocell is not a real product manufactured by Biocell Ultravital


Biocell Ultravital AHA2 is not a real product manufactured by Biocell Ultravital


We recommend that you check the status  of any company by verifying their  bona fides  on Biopharma International’s official website at “”. Public safety is our primary concern and these counterfeit products pose a grave and serious health risk which may cause harm and/or death to unsuspecting consumers.

If additional information is requested, please contact the undersigned by email at, or by telephone at 1-703-261-4549.

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